CJAA's response: Congressional antisemitism hearing regarding Columbia University

March 11, 2024–

The United States House Committee on Education and the Workforce, chaired by Virginia Foxx (R-NC), announced today that it will hold a full committee hearing on Wednesday, April 17th, titled “Columbia in Crisis: Columbia University’s Response to Antisemitism.” President Shafik and Board Chairs Shipman and Greenwald will appear as majority witnesses.

The Columbia Jewish Alumni Association (CJAA) supports the upcoming hearing to explore Columbia University's response to antisemitism on its campus. We share the concerns raised by Chairwoman Foxx regarding the prevalence of “antisemitic assaults, harassment, and vandalism” at Columbia, as well as the “administration’s failure to enforce its own policies to protect Jewish students.”

Notice of the hearing comes days after Columbia’s Task Force on Antisemitism released “Report #1,” which all but admitted the University is committing Title VI violations by treating Jewish and Israeli students differently from other protected classes, and a Wall Street Journal article describing how some faculty help radicalize their students.

These events make it abundantly clear that Columbia’s leadership needs to answer for how it is addressing - or failing to address -  antisemitism on campus.

In the interim, we say this to University leadership: it’s never too late to protect Jewish students with decisive action and consistent enforcement of its rules. The CJAA stands ready to work with the University and help create an inclusive environment for all students.