Mission Statement

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The primary goal of the Columbia Jewish Alumni Association is to ensure that Columbia University lives up to its stated commitment to providing a “learning, living, and working environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment” and to fostering a community “founded on the fundamental dignity and worth of all of its members.”

We formed the Columbia Jewish Alumni Association in response to the horrific terrorist attack in Israel on October 7, 2023. During this period, the University failed to condemn either Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, or the student groups which stand “in full solidarity with” Hamas. These groups advocate for the obliteration of the Jewish state, and they have perpetrated the most egregious antisemitism we've ever seen on campus, causing Jewish students to feel unsafe.

In the aftermath of the Hamas massacre, it became clear that a Jewish alumni association was needed. We believe that Columbia University can, and must, provide a safe and welcoming environment for the University’s Jewish students, staff, faculty, and visitors. When the University fails to adhere to its cherished values, it is our responsibility to hold it accountable.

But while our association was formed in response to a moment of darkness, our mission extends far beyond this single moment.

Our membership is diverse– encompassing alumni of all generations, from all over the world. We believe in civil discourse and the free exchange of ideas. We don’t always agree with one another, but we believe we’re stronger together. We believe in the rule of law and the democratic process. We believe that only by working together can we make our University – and our world – more inclusive, peaceful, and just.

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